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TCIT Part 3

Tri-Coaching Instructor Training (TCIT) Part 3 focuses on getting you, the trainee driving instructor, ready to take your Part 3 test. The course assumes you have already passed your Part 1 and Part 2. The course consists of two modules. Module One is eight x five-hour sessions (these can be split into 16 x 2.5 hour sessions over four months at one a week; or completed intensively over a two-week period; or any variation of this to suit you and your trainer). Module Two consists of 5 x four-hour sessions divided between lesson observation; and training and development.

In-Car Sessions

The course has been designed to satisfy the requirements of the DVSA PDI Trainee Licence although it is not necessary for you to go on Trainee Licence in order to complete the course. The course will still help you prepare for your Part 3.
Each in-car session is self-contained. It will not be necessary for you to complete any preparation or homework either side of the in-car session. This is because you may be completing this course on an intensive basis – four days a week over two weeks. However, if you have time between sessions, please spend it reading up on what is needed to be a driving instructor, practising your driving, commentary driving and ability to watch the pupil (by observing the driver when you are a passenger).
During the in-car sessions you will be:

  • Completing exercises in the Course Book or watching videos to prepare for the session,
  • Developing your skills, knowledge and understanding of what it is to be a driving instructor,
  • and completing action plans so that you have a record of your progress and will know what to focus on during Module 2 and prior to taking your Part 3.

Use the notes pages to write down learning points you have covered with the Trainer during the session.

Trainee Licence

​Module One

There are eight x five-hour sessions in Module One, which can be completed over a two-week period of four days a week. In this way, you will be completing the 40-hour requirement if you wish to go on a Trainee Licence and your Trainer will be able to sign off the ADI 21T (the regulation form the DVSA needs to see to confirm the completion of the 40-hours requirement).

Module Two

Thereafter, you and your Trainer should be working through Module Two, which consists of five x four-hour sessions to cover the Additional Training requirement of 20 hours whilst on Trainee Licence so that your Trainer will be able to sign off the ADI 21AT.

TCIT Part 3 also includes Route 51.

Route 51 – How to pass your Part 3 consists of a course book, divided into six sections and including plenty of opportunity for you to reflect and self-evaluate your performance, helping you to identify your strengths and development needs.

There are online materials included in the course, which will be delivered to your email address in the form of emails. The emails will contain links, which will take you to pre-recorded webinars that complement the course book. You are advised to save the emails in a folder so that you can access them easily and re-visit the webinars by following the links whenever you wish. The webinars are not downloadable so you will need to follow the links each time you want to view.

If you have already passed your Part 1 & Part 2 then the TCIT Part 3 package would be more suited to your needs, if you have any questions about the course and how we can help, please contact Steph on 07730 161359 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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